The Town of Ojai, CA


Ojai,California ~ Ojai, affectionately named "Valley of the Moon" by the Chumash Indians several centuries ago, is easily one of California's most scenic and popular mountain valleys. Often referred to in travel, geographic and historical books and articles as "The Spiritual Center of the Universe", Ojai creates a unique combination of raw natural beauty, inner peace, energy, and relaxation. Whether you are standing awestruck up at Meditation Mount, looking down over the entire valley, or sitting on the dock at spectacular Lake Casitas, you will feel like you are home at last...

Less than 2 hours from Los Angeles, just 15 & 25 miles inland from the beach towns of Ventura and Santa Barbara, Ojai (pop. 9,000) is easily and quickly accessible. Once you arrive everything changes. Relaxation, happiness, and enjoyment are virtually unavoidable. Whether you choose to hike up the amazing multi-colored Topa Topas in the Los Padres National Forest, golf at Soule Park public golf course, visit our museums, art galleries, parks, or just hang out by the pool, lie in the hammock or stroll our lawns and gardens, you really cannot help but enjoy and appreciate this wonderful timeless place.